Roayl Riders Rule!!!

its me jus-10 ( mostly all of u have heard of me and my bad rap) again, any ways me and three of my unicycling buddies have just started are new group or clan …ect… and we were wondering if any body can tell us some good unicycling videos ( weve already whathced all the kris holms ones ) because we were going to make a video of opur this december and weee need some ideas so if u could tell me orus that would be great thx alot bye

jus-10, peace out!!!:smiley:

The Muniac video would be a good example for you guys.

watch the freestyle video “one wheel no limit”
it has amazing moves done to cheezy music,
it’s basicly just videos from a unicycling club, but turn the sound down put a tape off whattever baddass tunes you like and you’ll learn loads of stuff, particularly subtle things like hand placement for unispins etc,

also watching some biketrials people and bmx freestylers do their thang might help.

you might want to start looking at places where you want to film trials moves, think about what would look good

Yes, Yes! More unicycle porn videos. Action sports videos with all action and no plot. I love those kinds of videos.

One importain thing I have learned when making a movie. Shots that look on film might not be the best looking in real life, once you start cutting film together in editing your probably gonna want reverse angles for almost every shot. Its cool to stick on a rider for cool linked tricks and not cut the film at all, but without a really good camera man thats really hard to make look good on film. try to find thoes cool angles and show off hardcore, you dont need to actually land a trick to make it look like you did in a movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would watch a ton of skate movies and analize the shots not the tricks to see where they had the camera’s set up for each shot. Also try and see how they edit things together, editing is what makes great movies from home videos that suck.

If you like snowboarding vids too I would recomend one called wildcats. I dont really know too many non Kris Holm Unicycling video’s

The last thing to concider is the tunes, but hard and fast never looses.

Good luck on the project