Roast Chicken (Street) Joe Waddington

I wanted to get loads better stuff but I don’t film much then I bent my hub so I put this fast paced peice together enjoy. music is ‘You Need A Friend’ by Frenzal Rhomb…

I like your style
the pedalgab-flip over the hedge was amazing and the crankgrap on that 4set too.

Sweet video, really enjoyed it.

pg to crankflip over the fence was awesome, and a bunch of otherstuff.

Woah! that last coast where amazing, inovative riding also, i was going to say, “realease your hand while coasting” but i´ll guess i´m gonna eat up my own words…

wow that was awesome :astonished: the pedalgrab-flip over the bar was impressiv!!!

very original lines and very good riding :smiley:

awesome! the flip over the rail was awesome. I have come to the conclusion that all Australians have awesome style :stuck_out_tongue:

niiiice! proper street FTW!
i liked the pedalgrab-crankflip, coasting on the skinny and loads of other stuff

That was AWESOME!!! Crazy style, and original lines like the flip over the fence, and the coast at the end!

Keep it up!

diggin that vid, nice work man! too bad you didnt make that jump mount. I also loved that first line with the rolling 90 pedal grab on that ledge, pretty sweet

You’ve probably figured out by now, but your style’s awesome.


dude that’s awesome. I liked all the unique stuff that people wouldnt normally think of, it’s stylish!

Sick Joe. Aaaaaaalways loved your style man.

oh u :roll_eyes:

joe ur friggin awsome!! the skinny coast, the bin pg which looked quite dam high, crankflip over fence like everyone has already said, huge jump mount…
that is wat streets all about imo!

Haha yeah tried that, it doesn’t really work (for me)

ha thanks man. it’s the vegemite i think

The jump mount scared the crap out of me. I only tried it a few times cause i sorta hurt my ankle doin it. it’s definately on the list of things to do though.

thanks for the comments everyone makes me wanna get out and ride and film alot more than I do.

so sick joe! loved everything everyone’s mentioned and the static trey was nice too! kinda looked like a 540 the first time i saw it :stuck_out_tongue: coasting is amazing man…we need to ride together some time soon.

We definately should. in the city again but the bus from here to melbourne on one saturday is a big trip… oh well worth it though, get a decent day in i spose

That was amazing :astonished:

Your a beast :wink:

SO creative. Its rediculous. Thats the kind of riding i’ve been dying to see. Great video.