Roadtrip 06/07

Enjoy it

7mins of trials and some other stuff that we filmed during our 10days trip.

a Quicktime will be available soon.

Thats a really cool video, looks like you all had alot of fun and rode in some great places with nice people too! i liked the huge jumps you guys did and, as always, loved the bails and silly non uni-ing bits of film! Id love to do a roadtrip one day, need to uni more where i live to start with though! Hope you all had fun!

that was amazing, really good tricks and editing. Why didn’t you try out the new koxx frame??:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys,

Rocco, very good riding and editing! Same goes for Annika, Amanda and Marco, I really liked the movie, usually you have the crappiest music EVER Rocco, but this was okay… This beats any unicycle video I’ve seen in ages. Good job!


That was awesome! It looked like a lot of fun.

Yeah, totaly sweet video from the crazy Germans and Amanda :stuck_out_tongue:
Realy liked it.
Nice and free advertising for to, that’s why Dustin loves this vid so mutch :stuck_out_tongue:


AMAZING simply amazing!

i especially love the Deutschlanders trying to ride it, lol
and the people watching you as you went down those stairs

seems to be a lot of fun :smiley: Great production also !

It’s now online at UTV and so QuickTime is now also availiable.

WMV in 640x480, 40 MB
WMV in 320x240, 25 MB
MOV in 640x480, 140 MB
MOV in 320x240, 100 MB

The 640x480 mov file is still uploading and will be ready in arround 2 houres, all others are complete online.

Paid advertising, Marco paid for the sweater :wink:

Your secred is no longer safe!!!
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secret? what are you talking about?:wink:

Nice movie. Wearing a sweater :slight_smile:
It looks like there was a verry good “mood” on the trip !

Nice vid. 6 sets cool. Nice use of New Zealand music too :stuck_out_tongue:

nice ride and trip!
sweet moves! you guys and girls rox!

i loved the brazilian song at the end! :wink:

as the name says melo da popozuda … translating it will be song of the big ass girl!


Yeah I mean er… what the hell am I talking about there is so secret!¬ :thinking: