Road Unis on UK

I have just been looking at the UK site at road/touring unicycles and they only seem to have the coker and the nimbus 28’’ at the moment, I’m sure they used to have a few more on there in the past. Anyway viewing old threads on 28/29ers it seems to me that the Nimbus 28’’ is the recomended unicycle of that size at the moment and wondered if anyone has any experience with the new model and if the seat is any good, its just that nearly a year into the hobby and I seem to be getting this burning urge to try something bigger and faster so will probably get one in the near future.


Re: Road Unis on UK

If you get that, you might want to upgrade the frame to the Nimbus II that’ll fit the Big Apple tyre. And maybe get it with the big apple straight away if they’ll do that.

If you’re coming to BUC, the best thing to do is buy one there, because you can try people’s unicycles to see exactly what you want.