Road unicycling records

Hey everyone,

I’m adding a page with all the road uni records (marathons, hour records, 24 hour records, 10k’s and basically anything that is road) but as no one really kept track of all the records in the past years there’s not much to go on, so far we’ve got:

If you can add any more records that would be great, post or PM if you know any!



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English please

surely the table is pretty self explanatory even if you can’t read the titles?

in any case:

name, country, distance, date, place

hour record, 24 hour record, unlimited marathon

Good idea Dustin!

Just to be picky, you’ve listed my country as ‘England’ - it should really be ‘Wales’ (or more vaguely ‘UK’). Aberystwyth is definitely not in England - try telling that to any Welsh person! :slight_smile: You can get a Wales flag from wikipedia if you want it. Sticking with UK may be simpler though. The date should be 29-30 Sept 07, not 27th.

I think the 10km Unlimited record is Patrick Schmid’s winning time at Unicon13: 22:16.60

And of course Takayuki Koike’s 100 mile record of 6:44:21.84 from 1987 in Japan. I recently found some older references to the 100 mile record from when it was still human in an ancient Guinness book - I’ll see if I can find them.



Thanks Sam, I’ve edited your record and added Patrick’s and Takayuki’s, I’ve thought about adding the 100 mile record before but there’s not much info on exact dates and place. If anyone could supply those that would be great! If you can find that former 100 mile record that would be awesome too, I’ve never seen it.

Does anyone know the former marathon records?



Excellent contribution Dustin. It was sorely needed, and is alot more convenient than regurgitating past threads. The top athletes of our sport worldwide should be appropriately published.

Takayuki’s record was set in or around Tokyo, about a week after Unicon III, which would make it early August. He had a 43" rickshaw wheel unicycle which was very heavy, but at least had an air tire.

He was pursued by Floyd Beattie (from Ohio), who was approx. 33 years old and the previous record holder. They had been rivals over the record for the previous few years. Floyd was riding either a 40" or 45" Unicycle Factory big wheel.

Before those guys were battling it out the record was 9:20, I think the rider’s name was Johnny Severin, and it was done in 1981.

Before that it was 10:31 by Cathy Fox (female) from Marion, Ohio on a 40" Unicycle Factory big wheel.

Maybe UK would be better Sam as otherwise it could be interpreted that you’re Welsh!!!

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I’ve lived here for a while, I like it here; I’m slowly learning Welsh language. What’s to say I’m not? (erm, other than my ‘British’ passport)

The Welsh flag also has far fewer imperial associations than the Union Flag, which makes me less reluctant to be catagorised by nation. Thanks for changing it Dustin.

Certainly does - in fact the English (St George) flag is even worse, forever associated with skinheads, football and racism. Being English is almost something to be ashamed of (or at least the flag is). I was born just the wrong side of the river (Bristol). Besides, any nation with a dragon on their flag has to be cool :wink:

Being a bit more on-topic, I’m pretty sure the country column in Dustin’s list is where the record was set, not the nationality of the rider.


It was actually meant as nationality, but so far it works for both as everyone has ridden the record in their own country. Going to bump Roger for Japanese records, and I think he held the 10km before Patrick did.

BUMP, there’s gotta be more records recorded somewhere :roll_eyes:


here is a link to the records set by the Swiss unicyclist Stefan Gauler a few years back (1h accepted by Guiness and 24h). He still rides :slight_smile:

Franz, that’s great! Is there any chance of an exact date on the 24 hour record? I’ll send you an email for further information, it’s great that you store this kind of information



Hello Dustin

i hope you understand my english

Here are more informations about my 24h Record ( on a Standard-Unicycle )

  • Wheel Size 26"
  • Crank Length 130mm
  • Date of Record: 26-27.10.1991
  • Distance: 279.874 km

Greetings from Switzerland


and here is the video

Wow, that’s an amazing feat, over 11kph total elapsed time for 24 hours on a 26" with long cranks!

The biggest Challenge was my saddle :wink:

( The old Steel- Saddle )