Road Unicycle Set-Up and T7 Handle Modification

yes little boys grew to big boys fast:D

Here’s a snapshot of my KH29 guni road handlebar setup. The handles don’t stick out far enough for a real tuck, but otherwise, they provide very comfy hand positions. The brake is a bit of a reach, but not too bad.

The pieces are (left-to-right), a Tandem stoker stem, a long-neck handlebar stem, a short piece of handlebar, and two bar ends.

looking good;)

orderd today my wheelset for my v-frame should arrive friday or next week
will post the pictures as soon as possible

setup of the wheelset:
TA tire
kris holm 09 rim, spokes, and hub!
cranks qu-ax 100 and 125mm
a regular 36 inner tube but will try some 29 innertubes out
already have one in my older 36 but have not tested the weight diffrence yet

yeah i got my wheel today

its looking very good!
got the 09 kh hub its a nice one!

the ta tire was a bit hard to get on the rim but with some soap it went on easy:D

will post some pictures this weekend or next week of the complete v-frame

now its time to really test this new setup.

The suspense is killing me!

Oke here are the pictures:D

But first a short story about the first ride:

Took the super machine out for a ride today,
Still have to finetune the seat positioning and but the handlebars up a little more.
Alsow iám looking for a different seat and handlebars so expect to see some changes being made there.

It handles more like a bicycle than i have ever driven a unicycle.
the seat position is much more like a bicycle

Alsow everthing is super stiff no flex anywhere:D
Big inprovemend over my old 36 inch unicycle with a steel rim and slopy spokes.

i’am currently riding this setup":

Custom V-frame
Wheelset that comes on the 2009 kris holm unicycles:
Nimbus stealth pro rim
2.0 spokes
New kh 2009 hub (looking nice)
125mm and 100 mm qu-ax cranks
Cheap pedals (will upgrade to some queality industrial bearing pedals)
Selle royal sadle (will upgrade to a nice race sadle)
Some custom handlebars (will try out some race handlebars)

So far for the words here are the pictures:

last picture as an comparrison to my old 36 inch unicycle
the frame goes more foreward when riding but the balans point has been shifted a little more backwards hope to inprove this a little more.

tell me what you think;)
more pictures check out the gallery (

pretty, pretty, pretty!

we will have to meet up sometime when i get my schlumpf back! :smiley:

I think it looks very very fast and uber cool…like a little time trial machine.

Certainly looks more rigid than your original unicycle.

eenwieler-sander: That V-frame looks cool! How heavy is it? And how are those lower handlebars working out?

PS! Drop the w in your alsow’s :wink:

VIDEO! We must see video! :D:p;)

VIDEO! We must see video! :D:p;)

Sorry for the bad englich

I weight it yesterday it is 10.8 kg
In comparisson to my old unicycle that was 9 kilogram
So it is a little heaviar but there is also more frame on the unicycle

But thrying to get the weight down a little by using a lighter seat and handlebars

The uperpart of the lower handlebars are fune but the lowest part is to low right now.

I have to put the handlebar setup up a few centimeters

Yeah, I think you can even use much lighter tubes and handlebars because they don’t have to take nearly as much stress. Why don’t you use a road bar instead instead of two sets of bar ends?

Are you experimenting with different hand positions with intent to simplify the handles, or is that your permanent handlebar? You could probably lose 1/2 kg by having only one set of handles, instead of that wild-looking set-up.

the handlebar setup was just a quick test.

i’am planning on using a road bar.

with using lighter parts i think i can get close to 9.5 or even 9 kilo

but when riding it felt lighter than me old 36 inch but in fact it is heavier

offcourse with using tubing you can make it much lighter but i had the chance to make this unique frame so i dont say no;):stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, sooooooo sexy.

Wow, that came out great. The bearing holder is very interesting. Keep fine tuning it and give us some riding pictures or video. I think even other unicyclists will look at you strange when you ride by on that beast. Very cool.

Will make a short video so you can see how the riding position is.

My focus will be on a geared unicycle if i finish this project.
(no schlumpf)

pPehaps not the thread to ask this in but what do you think of a freewheeling geared unicycle?

Because now i have something more like a bicycle position i may not need the fixed setup to stay balanced.
Stopping can be done by using a brake once you master the skill of good braking i dont see the need for a fixed setup.

Well just a thought lets here what you think of it;)

freewheeling on a V-frame? :astonished: crazy, i use now my V-frame with the schlumpf hub for riding at work (7km one way) i can’t imagine in my wildest dreams doing this with a freewheeling setup… :thinking: you must be dam good in coasting…