Road Unicycle Set-Up and T7 Handle Modification

It didn’t take much getting used to for me. The ride seems to generally feel more stable than it did with my T7 setup. I should have some riding pics and/or video up pretty soon.

Eh… It’s alright, but it’s all we have right now (I don’t have the $ to make my own v-frame, though I would like to :roll_eyes: ) My legs rub on Maguras, and I feel like they would rub on the crown on a KH36 frame (I have a Nimbus, which is rounded). As for the leaning back, it seems to sort itself out, and is pretty effortless.

I guess I just likes-ees the tubes-ees. (That is supposed to be Golem)
I rode my set up in the pics below this last weekend on the Lung Association’s Reach The Beach: 100 miles over the coast range . . . . I made it, UPD free too - in about 10:30, though I don’t have the final time yet. Some pictures and observations on equipment:

  1. I’ve been riding this upper frame with the seat relocated back 8" around Portland for a couple of months now and I’m now totally used to it. I chose teh 8" set back because it was where my weight on the saddle adn weight on the aero bars balanced out. This balance means that while riding the unicycle frame is still about straight up when riding - not leaning forward or back really that much.

  2. The upper frame with aero bars kept numbness at bay almost completely on the 100 miler and gave me several options to move around and sit in different positions on the saddle or use the aero bars and arm pads to lever my weight off the saddle some what. Climbing with your arms on the aero bar pads with this set-up is one of its strong points and I was able to climb one particularly steep section this year that I had to walk last year.

  3. My knees didn’t brush the brakes or frame crown at all. My legs seem to have overcome the first annoyance I noticed about brake/knee contact. This was my biggest concern about the sear set-back riding position.

  4. The Hs22/Hs33 magura franken-brake was a total win on this ride. No brake pad rubbing while idling or accelerating and they saved my knees on the big downhill sections.

Yes, the taint still got sore, hence the orange sticker


finally my v-frame is ready

took some time longer than i thought but hope to pick it up tommorow so i can start building up my frame

will post some pictures tommorow

hope to see all these great handlebars in new zeeland:D

At Brycer: where is your brake lever? I just don’t see it anywhere :thinking:

HS22/HS33 brake

Its described and shown here in this thread:

Certainly not rocket science to make one of these up, you just have to get the right parts.


Maybe not rocket science, but it’s a darn clean-looking setup. If you’ve mentioned already in this thread, then sorry, but how much does the handle/brake apparatus weigh? What does the whole cycle weigh now?


Frame is ready!

finnaly i could pick up my V-frame

just did a quick moke up on it with the seat and handlebars

on the picture the seats looks leaning way back in real life its not that much


Will order my new wheelset tommorow:D
Set up will be :

Seat: bicycle seat this is a touring right now looking for a race saddle
Frame: custom build V-frame (By myself Sander Glazenburg)
Tire: Ta or the new nimbus (can not afford the nimbus right now)
Rim: nimbus pro
Hub: kh 08 or 09 have to look what the extra cost will be when taking the 09
Spokes just the ones that are availble

cranks: qu-ax 100mm, 114mm,125mm
pedals: plastic platforms.

This set up sounds perfect to me.
Dont start on you need a schlumpf because i can not afford it and i dont want it either.:smiley:

Whoa, great job on the frame! As I said before, it looks super-cool.


It’s beautiful, Sander! Please keep it on raw Alu.
Got crazy handlebars on that too.
Can’t wait to see it complete.

Wow! You have really taken this to the next level. Can’t wait to see a ride review.

actualy its sandblasted aluminium right now with a transparant layer on top of it to keep it clean

will post a finnal picture as soon as the wheelset arrives;)

The frame itself is a work of art, congrats!

I hope your guess of the V angle is close enough. You must be a tall guy.

Also I noticed in the earlier pics, the bolts that hold the frame together protrude quite a way out, or are they just temporary?

Sander isn’t that big.
Still hope he can fit the angle of the frame

Price for new KH’09 CrMo hub

Off-topic, but nobody will blame me I guess because the answer is REALLY short :roll_eyes: => new KH’09 CrMo hub costs 70£ (vs 38£ for the KH’08 CrMo hub) from UDC UK.

Totally in topic now => your frame is really wonderful… Congratulations!!!

It looks great, but it sure does look very long. I would be surprised if it didn’t feel too long either. But there is still the possibility of using another stem and seat post in order to get it a little closer. Or you could just flip the stem around 180°. I’m not too sure about the handle bars and saddle either, but we’ll see how it turns out.

Now hurry and get the wheel set in there quick;).

i’am 1 meter and 84 centimeters so thats a normal height over here in the netherlands

The seatpost in the picture has to be shortend.

As i mentioned on the picture the v is not that big.

I took my measurement from bicycle designs to make the v as is is so is was not a ques or something, some brain work went into making this;)

The bolts that are protrude quite a way out are temporary i have some new bolt right know that go into the frame.

Are you 1m84cm?
I thought you were much smaller, geuss your grew much since our last meeting :stuck_out_tongue:

yes little boys grew to big boys fast:D

Here’s a snapshot of my KH29 guni road handlebar setup. The handles don’t stick out far enough for a real tuck, but otherwise, they provide very comfy hand positions. The brake is a bit of a reach, but not too bad.

The pieces are (left-to-right), a Tandem stoker stem, a long-neck handlebar stem, a short piece of handlebar, and two bar ends.