road trip!

Hey guys,

a new vid edited by Dan Cowling of sum of the Aus boys from a recent road trip to canberra. its good stuff, definetaly worth checkin out, looks like it was a good time.




awesome i love every australian vid that comes out, i am so comin out to see you lot

you went to canberra?

that place is a SHITHOLE

but oh well. great video !

Nice, thats awesome. When I saw Rhys I was expecting a backflip.

yeha ! nice movie looks like a lot of fun cool grinds thumbsup

thats really nice, you guys down under have so many cool skate parks!

All that sun over there must give you super powers as I haven’t seen a bad aussie uni video yet. Looks like a great place to visit.

I feal like grinding handrails now :smiley:
Only problem, can do it yet, never tried.
Anyway, nice movie, good music and cool editing.
A+ :sunglasses: