road trip vid one!

Here are some clips from my road trip (in the right place this time…)! Trying to spread the uni love.
Hope you enjoy,

Wow man, you’re amazing! I love your style.
The grinding is great and hops are huge!
I love it dude! :slight_smile:

Great video, I loved it! Huge grinds!

Sick grinds and gaps! Nice style too, keep riding :smiley:

Sick video Henry! Still working on my summer edit…Hit me up when your back PLEASE!

Nice riding sir. Where was your roadtrip to? It looks like there were some epic skateparks there, eh?

Loved it! Keep up the sick grinds :sunglasses:

Sick stuff :). Enjoyed that a lot!

3:03 Yyyeeeaaahhh!! That was so cool! There must be somthing with unicycles and rc cars. I almost got nailed in the face once because a kid was driving his little car right in front of me… :smiley:

good vid :slight_smile:

I like it :slight_smile:

I might make a video like this… all new spots, just hit everything I see, whatever I manage to hit, put it in the vid. Has a nice feel.