Road trip Monoster-one 2012

Heeey !! Here is the Full Unicycle Video of the awesome Road trip we did in Ardèche this summer with the Team MONOSTER-ONE !! Check it out and enjoy !! :wink: Cyril Mercat, Alexis Mercat, Eddie Ducol and Damien Raillon…Thanks also to Romain of the CDK Shop !! :smiley:

nice one! I like it.

Really good :smiley:

Great riding, filming and editing. My only complaint is the dirty lense in ~1/2 the shots.

Thank guy!
My lense of my Go pro is not dirty but just a bit damaging.:frowning:

Great riding.
Did anyone ask you “Where’s the other half of your car?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the outer lense replacable? If it is and you fix it, better keep it covered when not filming.

Back before digital cameras a friend hit his camera and broke the outer and some internal lenses of his 70 mm zoom lense. Since it would have cost more to fix than his entire camera, he got a new better zoom and religiously kept the cover on, and in a padded case when not being used at that moment.

I don’t know, I’ll find out!