Road trip Bruxelle

if no one has seen this this is an awesome video, I am surprised it wasnt posted already!

woooaahhh I freakin loved this!! Crankflip up the 5 and over the road barrier were just nuts!

Yeah massive crankflips. Cleean 360(late?)flip off the ledge. Not much besides that though? Was dissapointed in the lack of handrails. Good to see Thibault riding though.

so he didnt land the one rail he tried and lots of footage of a big rail he didnt actually try. flip over the barrier and 360 flip were pretty nice. 360 flip bail was even better :stuck_out_tongue:
oh and i like ‘Sreet’

i was disappointed when he didnt land the fifth down the set :(.Everything else was ok

nice video, tucked flips look great :slight_smile:

Cleden and thibault have such an awesome style :smiley:

I don’t really know about Cleden’s style but I luuuuuuuuuuuuurv Thibault’s