road trafic (scotland) act 1984

does anybody have access to a legal library with a copy of this document,
in particular section 151 which defines a pedal cycle.

the hmso office website only has acts of parliment dating back to 1988

i’ve just had some copper quoting it at me for riding my unicycle on obstacles around the center of town, citing the roadt trafic act

although he couldn’t actualy tell me what the definition of a pedal cycle was.

apparently someone has been complaining about me practicing there, who i know not and why i can only guess, (a person with no life wanting to vent their frustration on a “weirdo” i suspect).

i’m not very happy about it and i’d like to know exactly what my rights are so i can take photocopies with me to back up my position,

obviously its entirly possible that the fuzz are indeed within their rights to move me on, but if they weren’t then i’d be quite happy to legaly defend myself

I always understood that under english law a pedal cycle was ‘a bicycle, tricycle or pedal cycle of four wheels or more’ so a unicycle is exempt. I’m not sure of the source of this or if Scottish law is any different.

Sounds like he was being a bit of a tw@t (unless you were up to no good :wink: ). I’m not sure photocopies of the relevent law would help. Quoting the facts often makes matters worse with unreasonable coppers.:smiley:

If you were causing a disturbance then they can move you on.

i went to the public library and found:

roads (scotland) act 1984
section 151
“pedal cycle” means a cycle whose motive power is provided solely by the legs of the rider or riders or which complies with the requirements specified in regulation 4 of the electricaly assisted pedal cycles regulations 1983.

it looks like scottish unicyclists are technicaly not allowed to ride on the pavement, poo.
which means that i’ve got to put up with facists.

the irritating thing is that ive been practicing in this particular spot for literaly years, not causing anyone or anything any harm whatsoever.

just after being “moved on” a homeless guy came up to me and told me that this particular copper was a complete facist and had once arrested him for stealing a returnable drinks bottle from a scrap heap.

i might try apealing to the authorities to try and have their coppers be a bit more sensible.

My advice is DO NOT APPEAL TO THE AUTHORITIES for two very practical reasons:

  1. There are more ways to skin a cat - the Police officer and all his local colleagues will have your card marked, and they will certainly get you bang to rights for something else.
  2. If you ASK and are told NO, then do it anyway, that’s big trouble. If you don’t ask, and you’re stopped, you can be pleasant and apologetic, and will normally be let off.

Rule number 2 is basic advice for all street activities, as I have learned through Morris dancing and busking. Rule 1 is just common sense.

Re: road trafic (scotland) act 1984

nb wrote:
> I always understood that under english law … a unicycle is exempt.

Just to clear up the English law side of things, here’s the
letter that Stuart Allbrighton received from the Hampshire police
regarding the legal position of unicycles in England.

Scotish law is probably different.

  • Richard

Hampshire Constabulary

Paul R. Kernaghan QPM LL.B MA DPM MCIPD
Chief Constable
Shanklin Police Station
Landguard Road
Isle of Wight
PO37 7HT
Our Ref. TMO
Tel. 0845 045 45 45
Direct Dial 538514
Fax. 01983 538650

Mr Allbrighton
121, Sandown Road
Isle of Wight.

Uni Cycles

Dear Sir,

Thank you for you enquiry regarding the use of Uni-Cycles. The first
point that must be clarified is that by definition this type of
vehicle comes into the definition of a Pedal Cycle under Reg 3(b)
Pedal Cycle Construction and Use Regulations 1993.

Under the Highways Act 1835 Section 72 it is an offence to ride a
pedal cycle on a Foot Path, (the definition of foot path includes
pavement). This means that the vehicle should be used on the road
and not on the pavement.

With regard to brakes this type of vehicle with direct drive would
not require additional brakes.

With regard to the fitting of lights, this is dealt with under Reg 4
(3) Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 which states, (Nothing in
these regulations shall require any lamp or reflector to be fitted
between sunrise and sunset to = Pedal Cycle). However if such a
vehicle is used between sunset and sunrise then it must be fitted
with one front position lamp one rear position lamp and one retro

This information should help clarify the position regarding the use
of this type of vehicle on a road.

Yours sincerely

C J Bartlett PC 107.
Traffic Management Officer.

Website -

Re: road trafic (scotland) act 1984

I think the cold weather has triggered the grumpy season… I was going through town today when I noticed someone watching as I took a detour which happened to include a foot and a half ledge and a few steps. As I went past him he said “a pity you haven’t got anything better to do”. Sadly he rapidly turned and left before I could comment on his busy schedule that allowed time to stand there and whinge at me.

Kind of spoiled the whole day, really; earlier I’d gone past a busload of kids who were very encouraging, that was brilliant… but it just hits home how some people must be so joyless.

Phil, just me

ironicaly i was once told by a policeman not to ride my unicycle on the road.