Well, this is episode 1, I don’t know what more to say! Enjoy :slight_smile:

That was so fun to watch. This is a good idea, I will have to do something like this when I go on my next road trip.

that unicycle transfer stuff is awesome, the whole video was awesome 8)

Nice !! Loved the unicycletransfers! :stuck_out_tongue:
looking forward to episode 2! :smiley: And the following episodes (if there will be more!)

EDIT: It’s not a new world record :wink: he just got the same length as the old record :slight_smile:
EEDIT: But it’s still incredible long!!!

Transfer stuff is great, especially Kelly’s! 360 transfer was sweet. How long was the long jump? Looked huuge…

Yeah, we didn’t say “Get a new unicycle world record”, just “Get a unicycle world record”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jacob’s (which actually looked longer than mine) was 310 cm I supposed (atleast that’s his best one officially landed) and mine was 330 cm.

Thanks everyone for the comments, I can’t wait either for the other parts !


My mistake Hugo :stuck_out_tongue: How do you do this kind of jumps :open_mouth: Do you train much on longjump?

I have no idea. :stuck_out_tongue: I was actually really surprised by the length. I didn’t train at all for this, I just asked if I could borrow Jacob’s 24" because the bearings on my 20" were broken and I hopped something like 2m50. Then, with Max on Danni’s 24", we climbed up. He stopped at around 3m, I think because the seat was too high. Otherwise, I bet he could have done much more than me.

I guess riding street and jumping stairsets could be considered like a training for long jump…

Funny… The two long jump world champs doesn’t even train it :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways Stairsets are also pretty much funnier than flatground long jump :smiley:

Awesome :smiley:

Urgh dam it! I didn’t know Will landed the hickflip overflip… I’ve been practicing it for sooo looong cuuuurse yoooou wiiillll riiillleeeeyyyyyy

Awesome video

Imagine if we had a list for the naucc party room and the things we would have achieved haha :sunglasses: