Road tire for wide rim

Steel is real. :slight_smile:

Really though, Oracles are pretty tight. What I will say is that even with a steel frame, the 29er I’m selling is only a pound heavier than the Oracle (15 vs. the 14 UDC claims on the Oracle).

Here’s a road tire for a fat rim :slight_smile:

:thinking: That’s a huge tire/hub. It’s for road riding?

:p:p Those tyres look awesome, I was tempted to grab a 29’er version at one point!

There’s a smooth fat 29" tire?!

Nahh, it’s regular 29er size (I think they do a 29x1.9, 2.1 and 2.3 version) :smiley: It’s the same tread design as your smooth 26er fatty, just in a less fat size!

Nice! That looks just like the soft ground I would ride on. I like the wideness. Looks like a winning combo when half the time I’m on hard ground.

I wouldnt mind getting a 3.0 tire on my 29er. I dont think they exist, dont know why…

There aren’t a lot of options for the 29x3.0 tires. I have the Knard, but I really want to try something fatter on my 29". And I would love a fat slick 29er :slight_smile: one of these days…

I am the poster in the thread referenced above, and I am happy to say that I have had many, many happy miles on my 29er Oracle with the Schwalbe Big Apple tire (2"), and went on to replace it with a new one after wearing the first one out. I ride it with some pretty high pressures (50psi) and found the road crown to be not too much a problem. I think the issue with the tire blowing off related to my inexperience with a Foss tube and my not having been careful to assess proper tire bead seating after the initial inflation of the tire before pumping up to higher pressures. I whole-heartedly recommend the Big Apple.

Schwalbe Big apple is a difficult tire to fit on the 47mm rims;
I have one and it’s running good, but I’m very light (55kg) and i use two KH wide and thick rim tapes between tube and rim.

On a 42mm rim will probably be a reliable choice.

Take also a look at the Maxxis Grifter 29" tires, it comes in 2" and 2.5" size.
I have one on my KH 20" flatland uni and I love it

The Big Apple 29 x 2.0 tire I’ve got on a 42mm rim has not given me any trouble at all, whether at 25 psi or at slightly above the recommended maximum of 70 psi. I once rode an identical Nimbus road uni with a 2.35 Big Apple, and it was nice, too, giving a slightly larger wheel diameter and, I suppose, better possibilities for hopping, though someone told me the fatter tire would be one of those ones that on a cambered road would make me dance the Twist to go in a straight line. That’s not a huge problem on a 20, but on a 29, it would be very annoying.

I can attest to the 2.35" Big Apple having a problem with road crown on my 26er. The 2" on my 42mm Dominator rim on the 29er as I previously posted hasn’t been a problem at all.

To anyone that is looking for a good road tire for a wide 29er rim, I saw that Maxxis makes a 29x2.5 Hookworm. The Hookworm has an excellent track record among unicyclists and would be the tire IMO if you have a 42+mm tire.

I was looking for road and XC tire (our XC is sand, small stones and small bushes). Stopped on Big Apple 29x2.35 on my KH Freeride rim.
Now some scary facts:

I bought Foss tube and installed with Big Apple in the evening (this was first time I got new Big Apple tire on) about 4AM it blows soooo loud. Took off tire from rim:

In the morning I was going for the ride so I replaced blown Foss tube with regular one and went. From then - everything is perfect.
Riding about 3Bar - it bouncing very good and rolling resistance is very low.

Love this tire!

Yeah- when mine blew off my rim with a foss tube it was so loud I thought someone shot a gun in the house!

Still haven’t found a good solution to this problem. I have a 2.0 big apple on a kh xc rim that blew off at about 50ish psi. I just don’t trust it now. Is there a good tire in the 2.3 range? I’d get the bigger big apple but I’m concerned with the auto steer.

Meh, I just got a Halo twin rail. Hopefully it stays the hell on.

Sorry I don’t have an answer to your query but how’s the Marathon Supreme / Velocity Dyad combo on your 29" Road unicycle? I’m interested because I have a Big Apple on a Dominator Rim. So far [knock on wood] I’ve had no problems with it blowing off but I always keep these incidents in mind. I wonder if the BA would be better on narrower rim. Not sure what would be the best one. But it seems like you no longer want a narrower rim. :thinking:

The narrow rim is great, you just can’t run maggies. On this particular unicycle, I’m using maggies and really don’t want to rebuild the wheel (schlumpfed).

The Dyad/Marathon combo has been excellent and problem free.

Halo Twin Rail is great :sunglasses: I’ve had some quality-related issues with mine but I’ve seen others online who have ridden them for 2 years or more and they’ve stayed working. Just be warned, it’s a very heavy tyre. But if you pump it up hard, you can ride purely on the two ‘rail’ things and it’ll feel like a skinny for the road! :smiley: