Road tire for wide rim

I found the D2 and 2.0 Big Apple to be a perfectly good combination. What it does need is lots of playing with the tyre pressure to get good results (my experience of all schwalbe tyres).

IIRC, mine works best around 35-40psi (I use it as a winter tyre).

With modifications (new cranks and tyre), that unicycle can take on anything and is a solid buy.

Thanks Dave.

Now I need to decide what brake I want. Yikes, so many decisions!

What have you short-listed so far?

UDC (US) has just started offering a Nimbus 29" Oracle Road LT". I’d like to add brakes but not sure which ones are better. For cranks, maybe 150mm. I want the 127/150 dual hole cranks but those are out of stock. I can free mount my 24" with 152mm cranks but not always. Hopefully I’ll be able to handle a 29" uni. I’ve been riding about 3-4 miles a day on paved trails and want to work up to 12 - 14 mile rides.

Based on my experience of building a 29 after riding a 24 for a while as a beginner I would say that 150’s are too long unless you are going to do a fair amount of XC with climbing. I ended up giving those 150’s to Jakob F after realizing I would never use them, and I haven’t regretted it once. 125’s are very manageable on a road 29 even for steep hills. 100’s are harder to push, but if you work up to it they really make the 29er a solid road going machine. I haven’t tried 114’s, but I would bet they are a good all around set of cranks for speed with control on a 29. I have to admit that sometimes I feel a bit out of control with the 102’s I have on my 29er. Even as a beginner I never felt out of control with 125’s though.

If you looking in the $600 dollar range and want to add brakes and or handle bar that would put it close to 800. I would look at this one.

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I’m sure those are great unicycles. I can tell he put a lot of love into them and they’re really tempting, especially the road one, but I think I’d like to have an Oracle frame.

Steel is real. :slight_smile:

Really though, Oracles are pretty tight. What I will say is that even with a steel frame, the 29er I’m selling is only a pound heavier than the Oracle (15 vs. the 14 UDC claims on the Oracle).

Here’s a road tire for a fat rim :slight_smile:

:thinking: That’s a huge tire/hub. It’s for road riding?

:p:p Those tyres look awesome, I was tempted to grab a 29’er version at one point!

There’s a smooth fat 29" tire?!

Nahh, it’s regular 29er size (I think they do a 29x1.9, 2.1 and 2.3 version) :smiley: It’s the same tread design as your smooth 26er fatty, just in a less fat size!

Nice! That looks just like the soft ground I would ride on. I like the wideness. Looks like a winning combo when half the time I’m on hard ground.

I wouldnt mind getting a 3.0 tire on my 29er. I dont think they exist, dont know why…

There aren’t a lot of options for the 29x3.0 tires. I have the Knard, but I really want to try something fatter on my 29". And I would love a fat slick 29er :slight_smile: one of these days…

I am the poster in the thread referenced above, and I am happy to say that I have had many, many happy miles on my 29er Oracle with the Schwalbe Big Apple tire (2"), and went on to replace it with a new one after wearing the first one out. I ride it with some pretty high pressures (50psi) and found the road crown to be not too much a problem. I think the issue with the tire blowing off related to my inexperience with a Foss tube and my not having been careful to assess proper tire bead seating after the initial inflation of the tire before pumping up to higher pressures. I whole-heartedly recommend the Big Apple.

Schwalbe Big apple is a difficult tire to fit on the 47mm rims;
I have one and it’s running good, but I’m very light (55kg) and i use two KH wide and thick rim tapes between tube and rim.

On a 42mm rim will probably be a reliable choice.

Take also a look at the Maxxis Grifter 29" tires, it comes in 2" and 2.5" size.
I have one on my KH 20" flatland uni and I love it

The Big Apple 29 x 2.0 tire I’ve got on a 42mm rim has not given me any trouble at all, whether at 25 psi or at slightly above the recommended maximum of 70 psi. I once rode an identical Nimbus road uni with a 2.35 Big Apple, and it was nice, too, giving a slightly larger wheel diameter and, I suppose, better possibilities for hopping, though someone told me the fatter tire would be one of those ones that on a cambered road would make me dance the Twist to go in a straight line. That’s not a huge problem on a 20, but on a 29, it would be very annoying.

I can attest to the 2.35" Big Apple having a problem with road crown on my 26er. The 2" on my 42mm Dominator rim on the 29er as I previously posted hasn’t been a problem at all.

To anyone that is looking for a good road tire for a wide 29er rim, I saw that Maxxis makes a 29x2.5 Hookworm. The Hookworm has an excellent track record among unicyclists and would be the tire IMO if you have a 42+mm tire.