Road Tire Advice

I am looking for suggestions for a good road tire. I am a newbie riding a 26" Club, but looking for a new tire that will roll and handle better than the stock tire that came with it. Do I go slicks or a low profile MTB tire?

I am thinking about the Kenda Small Block Eight, but don’t know. All my rides are on the street/sidewalk. No dirt rides.

You can get a Schwalbe big apple, or a Maxxis hookworm, both come in pretty fat sizes (2.35 or 2.5 I think).

Hookworm is a great tire for street. rolls super light and last forever.

I ended up with the Serfas Drifter 2.0. Wow, I had to really fight to keep up with the Uni. Way faster and much better handling than the previous tire I had. So far so good, but it will take a while to get used to how fast they are.
Thanks for the advice, hopefully others have tried the Serfas as well.