Road Show USA

Hi everybody,

Road Show USA is a coast to coast [bi]cycling and street performing tour that will be taking place this summer. There are seven riders from the Midwest that will be riding the entire route. Several are members of both the ISU Unicycling Club and ISU Juggling Club.

We will be starting in Astoria, Oregon on June 5, 2003. After 4700 miles and 72 days, we will finish in Boston, Massachusetts. We will be meeting up with Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) for the last week of July. This is a self-supported ride, meaning that we will carry all our gear on our bikes and camping along the way.

We are raising money for the Shrine Hospitals for Children by doing street performances along the way. The Shrine Hospitals for Children are a network of 22 hospitals that provide expert, no-cost orthopaedic and burn care to children under 18.

I am posting this at because we would like to invite any long-distance unicyclists to join us for a bit. Since our bikes will be fully loaded, we won’t exactly be riding at a blistering pace. Feel free to grab your Coker and come join us for a bit when we come through a place near you. The more the merrier. If you plan to join us for long, please let us know so we can give fair warning to locations that we will be camping at along the way.

More information, including journals, photos, and the route is available at

Jesse Shumaker

Maybe I could hook up with you guys when you hit KS.
It sounds like a lot of miles per day :slight_smile: What would happen if I wanted to ride my Coker but couldn’t quite keep up with the miles? Sounds like fun tho!

Looks like you guys are well prepared, and have an excellent Web site with lots of information!

Don’t forget to keep writing in to the newsgroup here to remind people when your ride starts, and to start hitting us up for donations. There are a lot of people here who I’m sure would make a donation to the Shriners on behalf of your efforts, even if you guys are riding two-wheelers.

Best of luck with the ride and shows!