Road ridin

How good or bad is the SUN 28 compared to the YUNI 29 for just road riding? Is there a ride diff. or just material quality diff.

Also looking at SEM XL lite wth skiiny tire but is it squrrly with the skinny tire? is it any faster with the skinny? or should I just go cheap and get the sun and modify? It seems like no matter what I get i always change it somehow

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You deserved a constructive reply.

I can’t compare the frames etc. because I’m not familiar with the two unicycles. I have a Nimbus 1, which is the same as the original Yuni, I believe.

I have changed the seat, cranks, pedals tube and tyre, and plan to change the wheel.

But that aside, any frame you buy from Unicycle dot com or any other reputable supplier will be good enough for general road use. Obviously get one with main cap bearing holders, and avoid cheap lollipop bearing holders. I don’t like pashley frames (I have a 26) as they are heavy and the bearing holders are difficult to remove. Other than that, any frame will do for now.

You choose your ideal seat. I prefer a standard Miyata for road use. It is light, thinly padded, but well shaped, adn the handle is good enough for road use. Deeper padding is OK for riding on rough stuff, but it can be a disadvantage when riding far and fast.

Look at photos on the websites - you’ll probably see very similar cranks and cheap pedals on both unis. Length of cranks is a personal choice, with 125s being a safe starting point. Choice of pedals is personal too.

That leaves the tyre - and as I’ve remarked elsewhere, I am exactly the worst person to advise on tyres. I use a 700c x 28mm, and daydream about something thinner and lighter. Most people prefer a much fatter tyre!

The time spent making the perfect choice is time spent not riding it. Until you ride it, you won’t know what the perfect choice is anyway. I suggest you buy either of the two you’ve mentioned, then tinker and upgrade until it suits you.