Road Rides In Southern Maryland.

Hi! With this message I officially welcome myself to the unicycling list. My
name is Michelle Camaioni and I’m the publicist for the cycling club in Southern
Maryland, Patuxent Area Cycling Enthusiasts (PACE).

I’m writing this message to ask if any of you might be interested in joining us
on the rides we host. I realize that many of you don’t live nearby, but if
you’re like me, you’re willing to travel for a great ride.

Please send me your feedback. PACE hosts two annual rides, a metric ride with 30
and 60 mile legs as well as a ride through Amish country with 20, 40, 80 and 100
miles loops. Would you be interested in visiting Southern Maryland for one of
these rides (by car, we’re 90 minutes south of Washington, DC)? Tell me what
you’d look for in a ride. We’d love to see more diversity on our rides and to
show the community how much fun we cyclists have!

Thanks for your time.

Michelle PACE Publicist