Road Ride around Mount Snowden, Wales, UK

Yeah really cool…cool enough to freeze my gloves to my fingers :astonished: If you want to get into Wales pick up with INTO THE BLUE who apparently has a thing for riding down (if not up) Mount Snowdon.

Snowdon Bike Ride 2010

This time last year I was just waiting for my first 36er to arrive, having only started unicycling a few months earlier. Whilst waiting I recieved details about the Snowdon Bike Ride as detailed below. Without preparation I decided not to do it on the 36 as I didnt feel experienced enough to boldly go where no 60 year old unicyclist has been before. Instead I did it on the tandem.

Not so this year! However the pressure is on now because I badly bruised one of my toes a few days ago and although the healing process appears rapid the foot needs to be good for the event in 7 days. I expect to be ready :slight_smile:

So this post is just to remind anyone who wishs to consider riding the event, that can be entered on the day, and the details are shown below:

Unicyclist outrides b*cyclist on mountain road :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! Well I had to give this some sort of attractive title. It’s true though! Maybe the B*cyclist was tired (but he said he wasn’t). At any rate it gave me a boost of confident to overtake a two wheeler on such a relatively steep road.

I only had my 36er for a few weeks when this event came up last year - so I didnt ride it on a unicycle then. This year I rode it on the 36 and did the whole 33 miles.

Some sections of the video show preparations not just riding. I include these as I hope to give, say, beginners and interested dudes some idea of the atmosphere of the event.