Road Regrets

Hey guys! Although I’m not sure how many people actually look at the video forum anymore, I thought I’d post this video here.

We filmed the video over the summer in Hope BC and White Rock BC, Canada. I think the two best reasons to watch this video are is because the song is awesome and Rhylan could have died in one clip if he’d fallen :slight_smile:


nice one

Nice video you guys, I really enjoyed it! I liked the mix of all the different styles of riding. And Mark…nice 720 my friend that was super clean:D

Very nice video, and you are right about the song.
Many thanks for sharing the joy you obviously had.



Thanks! If you ever find yourself in BC let us know :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex! Your comment means a lot to me :smiley: I saw your 720 too! Race to 900? :wink:

I’m glad you enjoyed it and our happiness came through in film! I’m also glad we spread the word about the musical genius that is Dan Mangan :slight_smile:

A race to 900 would be great but I kind of lost my 720’s for some reason. Haha. So hopefully those will come back and I can keep up with you in the race:p