Road, Muni & Trials - My First Uni video

I’ve been riding about 8 months now, so the riding’s not that great but hey I tried to fit as much into the video as possible.

Tell me what you think. Thanks!

that was great mate, preffered the trials and street bit but the editing on the road stuff was well done, and the outtakes were funny as made you look really cool ha ha x

yay a post! Cheers Lucas, the road bit was originally longer but I cut as I figured 1:40 of watching someone ride in a wobbly line down a straight road might get borring after talking to Amanda.

Ah the outtakes, I finally landed that 180 body varial though, my favourite was my seat drop to floor :slight_smile: .


What cranks do you have on this 29er? 125mm?

Whilst you’re better than me at unicycling, people say you’re meant to jump seat out towards your front foot.

Sweet vid, loved it! Trials was the best part to me, you might want to try going faster on the downhill -trust me its more fun :wink:

I don’t see why it makes that much diffrence :thinking:

I prefer sidehoping to the left, I can go to the right but not as well. Just because people say you’re meant to doesn’t mean you should, you should do what ever is best for you.

Thanks for the posts guys.

@semplice - Yeah I’ve got 125mm Qu-AX aluminum cranks on there.

As your front leg acts as a barrier to the unicycle. (if you jump the other way, you over balance).

Yes, I understand that people should do things the way it works for them.

That was good. The trials was definately the best part.

but the leg on the other side counters that, your brain can easly handle it

Nice video i think the trials part was pretty good just like everyone else said. Keep it up!

who says that?
cause i don’t.
i jump towords my left with my left foot back…
which is what it seems he does.
good vid.


keep riding and practicing ur doin better than i was at my 8 month…
your hops are high though…

joe hodges jumps towards his back foot, so it’s not that big of a limiting factor in trials.

Well ‘‘sponge’’ was adamant with me I should learn to jump the other way (’’ everyone other than joe hodges jumps towards front foot for trials’’)

Cheers for the comments guys. I’ll do another video, when I make a significant improvement in my riding or if I get bored.

cheers for sending me the link dan, i dont check the video forum often.

Nice riding though :

WHY THE F**** do you put TRIALS and start doing STREET ??? HUH ???

LOL only kidding - sweet riding (i wont repeat the comment about the trials being awesome but u know it :P) - looking forward to riding with you in bristol, when you coming down do you know?

Just jump to the way that is comfortable to you. My friend jumps with his right foot forwards, going to the left, and can gap 6-7’ static easily, and is a sweet trials riders.

yeh can everyone stop thread jacking on that hole debate please, but just to thread jack not everone jumps to the front foot i jump to my back n it makes little odds i think anyway keep the comments rolling in

Nice vid mate!

Iv never met you before, your a good trials rider! Come to the MK Ride!

Rock on!