Road crown advice needed

What is the best way to attack road crowning? I keep getting thrown toward the side. Does more air in the tire generally help? Any tips? These are muni tires I’m using on pavement and dirt. Both surfaces have crowning.

I’ve found more air in my tyre helps…I was really thrown by road crown in the begining, I felt awkward with the uni leaning one way and my upper body the other… but the more I rode the more I forgot about it.

I think perhaps some tyre profiles are better than others.

Take care and have fun,

What tire are you riding?

Some tires crown worse than others.

If you find yourself riding hard surfaces often, you might want to try a different tire.

I have a pair of fat 24" MTB tires that are terrible on pavement and dirt because of their cross-sectional shape. They have a bit of a point in the center. Anybody want to buy them for a bike? I’m sure they’re fine for that! :slight_smile:

Some tires will track better with more air, though others may do better with less. Try going both ways. Also look at the shape of the tire when it’s inflated. Does it have a center ridge, or a point or peak in the center? This can be a problem, like the tires above. Generally you want either a round or flattish cross-section.

Or it could be you. What happens when you try riding on the opposite side of the road or trail? If the problem is opposite, it’s probably the hardware. If the problem goes away, it might be you (or something crooked in the uni).