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I have posted this thread in the past with not many results. So here I go again. Currently I have a Sem 26er which I use as my road cycle. I like to ride up hills to build leg strength, but I don’t like riding down them because of my bad knees. A brake system would offer the ideal solution (I think). I was looking to get a RAD V-Brake mount from but they are out of stock.

What other options do I have? The brake would be used for road riding and maybe a bit of light XC so the brake wouldn’t have to be particularly strong. I’m even thinking that a drag brake system might be right for me.


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Check these photos out, Daniel. I don’t know, though, about the clearance for your tire, and whether your rim would work well with a brake.

Thanks Dave. I was thinking about those pics when I was writing my original post, but I could find them. I am using a Sem frame, Nirve Badass Tire on a sun Rhinolite Rim. I think the rim is made for rim brakes. I’m sure about clearance though.

How was your brake mounted? Did you just drill that hole, or was it already there? Was that drag brake leaver made for drag brakes, or is it a gear shifter or something like that?

Here are a few pics of my current setup. I’ll post more of the clearance later.


We drilled the hole; you can see it specifically in one of the photos. The drag lever is an inexpensive gear shifter. I don’t know if the brake would clear that tire, but there’s a pretty good chance that it would. I don’t have the brake here so I can’t do any measurements for you. The brake is an Odyssey 1999 BMX brake. It retails for $25-$30 and you should be able to get it easily at a LBS.

Disclaimer: I don’t know how that brake has fared in actual practice. I have just sent an email out with a few questions, but haven’t yet received a reply from the rider. It seemed to work well in a mild test ride that I did before shipping it off.

Another option you may have is to have posts brazed onto the frame arms. I think Darren sells these and may also be able to do the work on your frame. I don’t (yet) have this capability set up here.


That’s quite a leg catcher on that side-pull brake, and with the wrong type of dismount, it can turn into a knife that will scoop out a nice wide trench of flesh. Daino (and others) might want to learn from my bloody experience many years ago (which didn’t even involve a crash) and consider the possibility of a center-pull brake.

Just a thought.

options? sure…there is another thing like the Rad Mount but its more spendy since its lighter and made better.its called the Big Cheese brake adapter

there is also the Odyssey Pitbull brake

it mounts though one hole in the crown like a sidepull brake but since its a centerpull,it wont jab you in the leg.tyre clearance can get tight on this one though,but this is for a road uni right? i almost went this route on the Chirokids 29er

Thanks for the replies. I didn’t think about how the brakes would affect my riding in terms of hitting my leg (and taking some it from me) That’s something I’m going to have to think about more.

I went to my LBS today to look for parts. The bar ends are $16 and the brakes are also $16. Both prices are for pairs so I could possibly brake two of my unis (pun intended).

So the cost isn’t too high for the method U-turn used.

I was taking to guy at the bike shop about getting the brake bosses brazed on, but that’s a lot more than I want to spend. He said that in order to do it the chrome would have to be stripped. He also said that there aren’t any chromers on the island so I would have to get the frame painted over. That’s much too much work and money for me.

The last option I was considering was to get a frame with bosses ready made. As always cost is a major factor, so don’t tell me to get a Hunter or anything like that. Are there any frames with bosses in place?

Thanks again for all the replies.

I have heard back on the 1999 and the rider says that a) no leg bite so far, and b) he wishes he had a Magura instead because the Odyssey seems underpowered. Based on that photo of the leg slice from a seatpost clamp though… But the rider says he may put some clear tubing in the right places to minimize the chance of a cut.

There’s no need to do a lot of fancy rechroming if you go the boss route. Just paint with clear Rustoleum. That’s what I did with my original Coker frame. So all I had to pay for was the brazing.

I think Darren has some bossed frames but I’m not sure which. George Barnes also sells frames with either type of brake mount.

Daniel, Dave

I have 3" frames with post mounts in stock.

The chrome must first be sand blasted off before
the mounts can be installed. Once the mounts have been installed I powder coat the frame to prevent rusting and to give it a nice durable finish.

Frames with post mounts powder coated high gloss
black are 105.00 US
I have coloured frames in stock as well for 115.00 US

Price includes:
Frame, clamps and hardware
sand blasting
post mounts
powder coating

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to order a completed frame.

Frames with Magura trials mounts are also available and in stock.


nothin like being standed in paradise.

heres a better picture of the Big Cheeze in action(jagur was just to lazy to find it)