[Road] Ascent of the Tourmalet

Here is the video of my ascent of the Col du Tourmalet in the Pyrenees (France). Seventeen kilometers and 1268 meters between the start and the top altitude.
Hope you’ll like it.


Hey Camille, great job!

Where’s the downhill-video?? :slight_smile:


Héhé ! Indeed there is a hard downhill track between the Pic du Midi and Le Tourmalet but I keep it for another day !

That looks like torture. Nice job. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like you broke a sweat. Incredible. Beautilful countryside as well.

Those cranks look really short for that big of climb, impressive!

That’s awesome Camille! How long did it take?

Thank you very much !
It took a little over than 2 hours. I climbed several shorter ascents before, but this one was really hard.

Nice shirt :sunglasses:


Nice ride.

You Rock.

Great video of your climb. Now I am going to lay awake at night and wonder if I could climb that hill. Very impressive.

Wow, you looked so fresh at the top.
I’m waiting for the downhill video now :slight_smile:

That looked hard
Better you than me :wink:
I’m impressed that you were able to make a great vid out of a hill climb.