Road 29er, British Style

The very same one

Very classy and I would say, gentelmanary unicycle. The only reason I want to sell it is because I’m too tall (6 ft 6") for it. It just looks awkward :). When I bought it in June it had a very screechy brake, now the noise is gone. I guess the brake pads are now shaped properly or something. The condition is perfect! The only minor scratch is on one of the horns of the handlebar.

When moving on smooth flat suface it feels that you don’t have to pedal at all! That’s a fantastic feeling. Maybe it’s due to it’s 1 inch tire but in any case it’s very comfortable to ride.

And don’t forget that it’s already equipped with KH spirit cranks (110/127) and disk brake.

The price is 600 (including shipping) - 120 dollars less then from the shop and the brake is now perfect!

re: Road 29er, British Style

pm sent.

Trade goes on!