Roach TV Hydration Pack

anyone using this or know if its worth getting?is it better than most etc…?

i use camelbaks and think they are great.


jeez.i know your bored since its going to be another year till you get your KH but lets stick to the Roach pak eh?

i use a Jandd something or other that holds 100oz but i saw the Roach and thought,hey.i wonder if anyone has one of those?


whoa there…if what i posted doesn’t help you, then just ignore it. no need to have a hissy fit.


didnt look hissy to me. :roll_eyes:

i accually know of a kh wheel and cranks that will be for sale soon,no frame though.

sounds pretty hissy to me

ok gpick,what-ever you say.

jagur, you rule!

thanx Chief

so i take it that no one has ever even heard of the Roach TV pac before this post :thinking:

i use that same hydro pack it works great and its really durable, so ya go for it its an awsome pack. I recommend it over the camel back

whew hoo,i knew someone out there must have one of these.thanx Unibrow,i’ll by one tommorrw.