Roach Saddle Cover Question...

Hey guys.

I’ve just got a Roach saddle cover for my birthday, but I dont know how to put it on.

I have a Gemcrest (?) XL Leather cover on my MUni, and its great. It was not a problem puting it on, but on the Roach I dont know how the bumpers/handle is ment to go on? - There are no holes for them. Do you have to make your own holes?

Advise - PLEASE!!! LOL

Any would be great!


(Birthday Boy - 15 today! :D)

What I did was very carefully stretch the cover, then use an Exacto knife to pierce a hole in the right places. I missed a little bit and had to widen the hole but no problem. The handle keeps things in place so fraying is not really an issue.

I took mine to a cobbler who installed eyelets all around the edge of the seat. Then I laced it up like a boot. It works fine.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

What I tried to do was take the bumper guards off, and then put the cover on (I couldn’t take the bumpers off, because I had a Miyata). Im pretty sure that it would have worked, becuase thats how it looks on the saddle according to’s picture. Notice how the logo ROACH is slightly cut off by the bumper, showing no holes were cut. And anyway, they would tell you if you had to cut them :slight_smile: !!

hey, thanks

I did it. Its ok, but im going to take it apart, and put a sock or something inside, because the tube it abit wrong.

I put holes in with a soldering iron. This worked great, as it burnt through the material, and also melted the edges, to stop it fraying.

Pics coming soon - i think its right


Duck tape works pretty well too.

YES! ive eventually done it!

Its REALLY good! I’ve just been out on it, wearing my new SixSixOnes too! Did some awsome trials! :smiley:

Saddle pics are at:


Looks like nice work, Joe. 661’s rock!

How does the Miyata foam on top of the air tube feel?