Roach saddle cover + non-Miyata?

Has anyone put Roach saddle covers on other seats than the Miyata? I got a Roach cover, but for Trials, I really like the non-arir conversion Miyata.

I have a Viscount at home, anyone Roach-up these?

I havnt posted in a while, but here it goes:

On my coker I custom made my seat base from fiberglass and a viscount. I had to dremel out the front for a reeder handle, then went an air pillow, and I topped it all off with a, you guessed it, roach rover. It fits fine.

So go for it.

forget the cover…

You don’t even need a cover. All you need for an air seat is an old 20" or so tube and a lot of duct tape. I made one just today with the help of my dad. We folded the tube into the shape we wanted and then just taped it on. We were going to fashion a vinyl cover or something, but then found how difficult it was going to be and decided to just put on more tape. The only thing about this method is you have to put more tape over the wrinkles on the “cover” so as to make it really, really comfy. AND, the tape acts as a sort of extra layer of foam or something.
(I’ve also never tried a “real” air seat, so keep that in mind.)

It’s all about blood, sweat and duct tape.


PS My seat is a non-Miyata.