Roach or 661

Hey there,
I was wondering what is better the roach DH pads $100CND or six six one’s 4x4 leg gards $74CND,

whats better for arms? the roach DH arm pads or the 661 2x4s?
i think the’re only $10 difference,

Aaron :wink:

The ones that fit you better are the better buy.

Roach comes in more sizes than the 661’s. And if Roach doesn’t come in the size you need you can get a custom size. Custom sizes for Roach will cost more (I think about 15% more than full MSRP). With 661 you’re stuck with the sizes they give ya. Roach is now making an X-Large size which used to be a special order size. The shin pad on the X-Large is about 1 cm or 2 cm longer than the Large.

Airbomb <> has good prices on the Roach armour. And they’re a Canadian store too.

Roach uses stronger thicker fabric than 661. It is a good idea to put seam grip (seam sealant for camping tents) on the wear areas on the legs where the armour rubs the frame and tire. That will extend the life of either the Roach or 661 armour.

I get the best protection from the Roach armour when the pads are long enough to settle on the top of the foot without exposing the knee. In a crash the pads will want to slide down. If the pads are already resting on your foot they won’t slide down any further which will save your knees from battle damage.