Roach DS Leg Armor

I got some Roach DS (Dual Slolam) Knee/Shin pads. They also have a custom Fabric job, (Dark Blue Flames on Yellow)

My first impression was Its about time they are here, it took 2 months to get the custom order, but then I put them on and they felt nice right out of the box. Virtually no time was needed to break them in. They are super counfy for riding in although they are a bit warm. Now where it matters protection. I still have yet to have a brutal USG (unsucessfull gap) where I really needed the protection, but I have gotten twacked a few times attempting pedal grabs, and unispins. These pads work wonders on pedal bites as they should. I was able to land my first unispin yesterday and without a doubt its due to these pads, I would have stopped riding and gone home bloody without them.

I give the pads an over all 8.5/10 that includes the long wait from roach. I also dont feel I can give a 9 yet because I havent had any big falls where I have needed the pads yet. But I am confident that they will do the job, and hold up to whatever I can thow at them.

These things are awesome,

They have deffenatlly saved my legs a number of times now and I would probably need some stiches if I wasnt wearing them with my new pedals.

Only slight problem I have had is that a snagged one of the flames on my pedal and pulled out an inch or so of stiching on one of the flames. But I’ll fix it with some hd nylon tread. Ohh and Yellow shows really easy so I have cleaned them a few times already.

I would reccomend them to anyone.