Roach DH Legs: Vendors? Size?


I e-mailed Roach a couple months back because the Large/XL top size wont fit me. They mentioned they would be making the next size up as of april. However, their web site doesnt mention sizes.

Does anybody know of any vendors that carry them, and has anybody else actually seen or heard that there is now an even bigger size?

Roach mentioned I could order direct, so I might contact them again.


Re: Roach DH Legs: Vendors? Size?

>Roach mentioned I could order direct, so I might contact them again.

I’ve called them directly and had good luck. They do custom orders pretty

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA <> carries the Roach armor. I just orderd the XL size armor from them yesterday.

They mentioned that Roach has changed their sizing a bit since they were purchased by Raceface. They are now available in 4 sizes. The current XL size is what used to be a special extra long size for people 6’2". When I get the new pair I’ll see if they fit the same as my old extra long pair.

Good luck getting ahold of anyone at Roach. I tried calling them earlier this week and could not get a live person on the other end of the phone. If you need something customized you might have better luck going through a dealer like Airbomb and see if they can get Roach to do a custom size.


At the time I called Roach, the “XL” was really a L/XL, and it was the same as the “L” that offers. That is the one that wont fit me (unless that is from a new sizing scheme).

Still, I may re-measure my legs and contact Roach directly.


The sales person I talked to at Airbomb said the XL is it’s own unique size now thanks to the new sizing scheme. There is no more L/XL. There is a L and a XL.

Tall people rejoice.
I shall rejoice if the new armor fits as well as my old armor.


I wonder if they just adjusted the labelling of the same armor. I mean, being its own unique size just implies that they got rid of the old labelling scheme, not that there is a new size, right?

Even if there is a new tall one, I may still be out of luck since I am 6’1" or maybe barely under that, but my legs are short for my body, and they are very thick.

Well, when you get your new armor, mail them to me so I can try them on. :slight_smile:



His calves are as big as my thighs -and all muscle. No joke.


well,now we know why his cranks squeak so loudly.