Roach Custom Order

Ok, I just put in a custom order to Roach. Let’s see how long this takes… I have faith in them!

Get this…Sofa likes unicycling. Mrs Sofa is quite intent on uniycling (not because I’m pressuring her, just so everyone knows)

Mrs Sofa bruises easily (even rubber pedal-whacking results in bruises)

Mrs. Sofa likes cows

Sofa and Mrs Sofa’s kitchen is filled with cow stuff (Sofa Dislikes)

Mrs Sofa is getting a a custom set of Roach legs…Cow patterened!

Don’t all ladies need a husband like Sofa?

sounds like Mrs.Sofa needs to ride a uni like this.


Just don’t show her that…or that’s our next uni :frowning:

Jagur doesn’t want anyone trying to compete with his mooooooooooonicycle. The cow pattern idea is great. Usually I ask nicely for photos but I’m going to have to demand them here. A video with Mrs. Sofa modeling the cow-patties and someone mooing in the background would of course be preferable. Please post them when you receive the Roach special order … sometime in 2006.

2006…Roach did seem to make it sound like it wouldn’t be a long wait…I have MY Roach pads, so I’m not that concerened :wink:

I ordered them…there’s the points.

There will be many pics :slight_smile:

I just got my custom blue flames on yellow last night Roach DS pads.

They did a great job. Although it took 2 months for me to get them. Maybe you’ll have better luck. But you might want to remind them in an email or 2 just to make sure they dont forget about your order.

I’ll put some pix up if I can later.

How much were the custom roaches. I attempted to find info on custom orders on their site but somehow am missing it. Also what kind of patterns colors are available. I am amazed they can do cow patterns. Thanks.

  • Sal

You have to call them up and ask. They told me they could get whatever color you want really, it’ll just take longer if they dont have them on hand. It cost me $100 CND for Flames, it was a $5 charge to the normal price of the pads and then whatever shipping was… I would think they can do just about whatever you want for you. They were really cool about doing the flames.

Just be prepaired to wait… and wait for them.

Email (RF bought Roach)

this was basically the conversation…

“can you do a cow pattern, or is that too fancy?”

“we can do it, how tall is she?”

Anxious to see how they’ll turn out

It comes to $130cdn

(that’s including $10 Xpres post)

Update…An email from Ingrid (about 3 hours later)

Mrs Sofa may be protected by Xmas!

(She’ll let me know by next week)

I ain’t cownting my chickens though