Roach cover for a viscount airseat?

I currently have a KH seat, and its very nice but I would like to try an airseat. I have a visount seat which I’d like to convert, and I’m wondering if a roach cover could be made to work. I’m thinking that its fairly large, so shape wouldn’t be too critical. If it was held in by being under the bumpers, plus gaffer tape if necessary, and used with an air pillow would it fit a viscount? Is it possible to modify the cover slightly to make it fit?



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>Look! The Goodyear Blimp!

Now of course we must assume that this is on-topic. So are you talking about this biggest unicycle ever?

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Goodyear making unicycle wheels?That might be nice. Let’s see if we can get a tractor size wheel.
The great thing is that here we have the irony that a signature based on the classic distraction (Not counting “Excuse me, could I just distract you for just a brief second”, but that’s for another thread) Has actually attracted attention, or at least more than the actual questrion. Never mind.