Roach chafing relief

In the for what it’s worth department…

I recently started wearing midweight lycra cycling knee warmers to relieve
Roach chafing. The knee warmers were on sale after the chilly weather
riding season was over so I decided what the heck and gave them a try.

I haven’t been smart enough yet to wear them before I get chafing, but
they do really help make things very comfortable after I already have some
chafing. If I would wear them more regularly I would probably never get
any chafing at all. The knee warmers work better than the ointments, lip
balm, and other stuff that I have tried.

Knee warmers are probably the last thing you want to wear considering the
Roach gear is already warm enough. But I haven’t found them to be
significantly warmer or uncomfortable. Sure beats suffering through an
uncomfortable ride due to chafing sores.


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