Roach Armor size?

Hi, I was just considering getting some roach armor for my previously unprotected legs for my birthday present (which was yesterday) and had a question: What size should I get? I am 6 feet tall, I weigh about 150 pounds, but unfortunately, I have rather unusually large calf muscles! (I found this out when I tried on some shin pads in the store and they wouldn’t fit!) Can anyone tell me if this will be a problem if I order the large size? I would really like to know if I need to get the extra large to accommodate. Also, there are no other better pads then roach are there? This is what I’ve gathered it would seem… Thanks for your help in advance!

the large should work fine. i am 6’ and weigh 175 and they are a perfect fit.

The size on the Roach pads is in relation to how long they are. Larger sizes are longer. The calf wrap seems to be about the same size on all the Roach sizes so I think it is only the length of the pads that change for the different sizes.

You want the pads to be long enough so they don’t slide down your leg in a crash. The bottom part of the pad should be touching or just slightly above your shoe. That way your foot or shoe will stop the pads from sliding down during a crash and exposing your knee.

Roach makes an XL size that would probably be the best fit for you. I use the XL and I’m right at about 6 feet. I also have large calves.

The Roach pads are better at fitting large calves than the 661 pads.

The 661 large pads seem to be about the same length as the Roach XL pads.

The advantage for the 661 pads is that they are carried by many bike shops so you can try them on before you buy. The Roach stuff is generally a mail order item or a special order item from a bike shop so you don’t get to try it on before you buy.

check out the sizing description at the bottom. hope this helps

this site has the DH version on sale for $53 down from the msrp $77.

I measured the circumference of my calf at the biggest point, and found it to be about 16 inches around. I just wanted to be exact, because maybe my definition of large is different than others! I guess, it’s more or less proportionally large, because I am not a big guy. I’m just skinny with muscular legs from soccer and other sports. (unicycling of course!) So, maybe if you could compare to that, and let me know if xl is needed or not. Also, since beyond bikes seems like such a good deal, I was considering arm armor too. What size of that should I get, is it the same? My arms are pretty skinny compared to most, only about 13 inches around the bicep. Thanks for helping with these questions!

I just measured my calves, 16.5" around. The biggest reason (no pun intended) I bought the XL Roach armour (I initially bought a Large pair, but returned them a couple days later) was because of the way they fit at my thigh (just above the knee). I’d say I have large thighs (21-22" at the top of the armour, which is approx. 2-3" above the top of my kneecap) and found I needed the increased upper circumference of the XLs.

If you’re having any second thoughts about the Roaches, don’t; they’re incredible. I have nothing more to say (except for the fact I am highly annoyed at the 4 inch gouge out of my left calf as a result of riding without my Roaches).

No idea about arm protection, sorry.


Hmm… my quads are only about 19.5 inches around about 2-3 inches above the knee. Do you think this still warrants the xl? probably, but just checking…

I just went on my 2nd ride with my 661’s and they seem to work very well. I got the large size and have 16.5 calves and 20.5 thighs. My inseam is only 31" and I was a little concerned that they may be too long, but I like the way they fit and feel. I hope this may help in your sizing

Maybe not. For me, the calf straps (on my XLs) could be one to two inches shorter and I’d still be fine – they weren’t where I needed the extra room. My leg is 17.5" from ankle (middle of the bone) to the top of my kneecap. I found the extra length of the XLs to be a good thing. If you think the length of the XLs won’t be necessary, I’m not sure you’d need their extra upper circumference as much as I do (based on the numbers you gave).

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want my suggestions make you get a pair too small or too large. It only took 5 days for my LBS to order in a pair from Roach (I’m in Canada, though, so it was probably fast for that reason). If you can get a shop near you to order both a L and an XL, then you can try them on and know for sure.

Hope things work out.


Well, my leg from ankle bone to upper kneecap is about 17 inches. I went ahead and ordered the xl, i guess, hoping that if it was too big, i could always tighten it, whereas if it was too small I could do nothing. In retrospect, maybe a large would have been better. I’m so scared because i hope that beyond bikes would allow a return if they don’t fit.

The XL will fit you just fine. Your measurements are very close to mine and I wear the XL. If anything the XL is on the short side for me. I can also wear Roach’s special tall size for people 6’2" and above and that size is longer than the XL size. The L would almost certainly be too short for you.

Thanks for your help! I can’t wait. I need protection badly, ESPECIALLY for stair riding where i seem to have a knack for hitting my knee every time. Hopefully by thursday, they will arrive!