Roach air cover for my Touring.

As you know I’m getting a 29"er soon. So i was thinking of getting the miyata with the roach seat. Is this a good idea? I’ve heard having an air cover makes your energy go down.

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Re: Roach air cover for my Touring.

Air seats are a good thing. More specifically, a good air seat is a good thing. A poorly made air seat can be a big bother and end up being less comfortable than a standard unicycle seat.

If someone told you that air seats make your energy go down then they must have been using a poorly made air seat.

One problem with poorly made air seats is that they can be very bouncy. When your pedal cadence goes up it is natural to start bouncing on the seat even with a standard unicycle seat. If your air seat ends up amplifying that bouncing then that is a bad thing and can make it difficult to pedal fast. Poorly made air seats can also end up feeling like an old 70’s era water bed, the kind of water bed that didn’t have baffles or other means of keeping them from getting all wavy.

I make my air seats with a bit of foam on top. The foam dampens the bouncy feeling. The foam gets rid of that 70’s era water bed feeling. The seat is no longer bouncy and is instead plush and comfortable. You can see my air seat design in my airseat gallery.