Riverside CA riding Sat. 2/28 @ Sycamore

If anyone is interested I am riding from the Central trail head parking lot of Sycamore Canyon this Saturday at 9:00. With options it can be 5 to 15 miles, I will probably keep it short of 10. You can check the trails out on geoladders, lots of single/double track, rock outcroppings, starts with a good climb and rolling there after.

I’m really close…but…

I’ve only been unicycling for just over a week on a 20" with too low a seatpost; So I am about as useful as a tin can in combat. As soon as I have more saddle time and an upgraded machine I’ll head up there some time.

I’m highly interested and able to go. Where is this Exactly? If it’s not too far I can go.

Edit:Never mind its too far away:(