Rivendell Blog mentions unicycling

I just saw this thought provoking blog post go up by Grant over at Rivendell Bicycle Works. Too bad that comments can’t be left on it.


Anyone know who it was that visited him?

Rivendell was thinking about making a 650b unicycle at one point. (Lugged steel frame, of course.) I told them to make it a 29er instead. I don’t think it ever got made.

The visitor was likely Mike Scalisi or Nathan Hoover.

The road he’s referring to is South Park Drive in Berkeley. I’ve gone 89kph down that hill (on bike); it’s quite fast if you really go for it. (Tied for my fastest recorded bike speed). South Park is pretty scary to go down on unicycle without a brake. In the uphill direction, it’s a good climb that we used for RTL training.