Rivella Commercial with Unicyclist

hey ppl

today a advertising campaign started in switzerland. it’s about a drink called Rivella.
you can see me unicycling in the tv and cinema spot. there are also advertisement posters hanging all over the country:


here’s the video:

what could also be interesting is the huge effort they’ve put into it. i actually went to montevideo (uruguay) to film the whole thing, and it was a great experience!
so here’s the “making of” video (you won’t see me until 6:25 ):


wow, awesome :astonished:
That’s a very great video, there are some very crazy shots in it, the riding is fantastic. Also it’s a very good “unicycle commercial” !!!
weiter so cedric!

awesome :smiley: :D:D:):slight_smile:
really cool!! and pretty long ^^

ps: how is your leg?
and did they paid you :stuck_out_tongue:

WOWOWOWOW, seeeeeeehr geil.
Cedric is the man!


That was great! Good job Cedric :)!

AWESOME! That’s what unicycling needs!

BTW, did you met any riders in uruguay? There are some over there…!

Really nice! They picked THE guy to show what extrem unicycling is like :slight_smile:

@ tim desmet
still takes some weeks or months, sadly. but i’m looking forward to ride a lot when it’s over


no i didn’t, but i was just there for three days. but i met some uruguayan skaters :stuck_out_tongue:

btw for the french, there is also one in french language. but not with my voice anymore^^

the same for italian

Funny, the voice doesn’t match at all, I prefer the original.

EDIT: Even worse in Italian haha.


I want this camera and film crew. Lyk fur relz omgz

Awesome stuff, your becoming a legend

Wow that was freaking awesome! One of the few commercials (if not the only) that focuses 100% on great street & Muni riding all the way through, and depicts it as a serious sport! The "making of was equally great! That’s something you just NEVER see; usually the commercial is shot and that’s it. Who’s idea was it to do the making of part? and did they shoot that for on-air use? If not, what was there reasin for shooting it? great job! :smiley:

The poster and videos were unbelievably excellent!:smiley: I don’t think they could have picked a better representative for our sport.

This reminds me of the commercial Shaun J. did for Peak Energy Drink :roll_eyes:

That was so good! congrats!

Cedric, awesome spot man! Filming for commercials is awesome and it seems like unicyclists are slowly starting to get a lot more. Wahoo!

That was WAY too cool!
Is that drink any good?
And I also loved that first guy with the mo-ped skateboard thing and the 1967-69 Mercury Cougar (atleast thats the USA version name) with the parachute!


My favourite part was the huge 180.

Hope you got paid well.


Awesome !!! Nice one Cedric, well done. Some cool moves on the 26 there :smiley: The huge 180 drop was amazing.