RiUniTi 2012 pt.1: Endless single trails

My first trip to Ticino, south Switzerland and also my first unicycling trip lasting longer than one day. Great landscape, awesome single trails. This is the footage of the first day, the rest will follow once I’ve got the time.

Awsome !!
The narrow trail and the steep mountain look realy scary.
Can’t wait to see the rest.

Thank you Ben,
that nicely represents one of my favourite trails from Monte Generoso!
hopefully we’ll ride it together soon!
and as Gregor said your gopro shuold be pointing a little further up.

c u soon

Thanks! About the rest: I have a bad feeling it might take quite a few days :roll_eyes:

Hey Sandy, thanks very much for all the organization! Can’t wait to get back there :wink:
I kinda agree about the camera angle. Unfortunately, you don’t have much room in 16:9 - either you cut the heads or you miss the wheel action (drastically speaking). But yeah, I guess the first option is worse. So next time, I will try to change that.