Risky Business: The redneck, the pedal grab and the bouncer. (mild profanity)

Oh, its wonderful to be back in hick town New Hampshire. Where tolerance for anything be it race, religion, sexual orientation or unicycles is kept to a low. I was out for late night street session on my trials uni alone where I was approached by a car with its headlights off as I left my street. From the car someone yelled “HELLO!” but was quickly hushed. I continued to ride downtown towards my favorite spot with the occasional street lamp providing sufficient lighting.
I then heard someone hop out of the car as I turned the corner and the sound of footsteps darted around the back of the a building to meet me on the other side. Feeling relatively confident with my ability to deal with strangers after having lived at school in Boston for the past few months at school I continued on my path and came upon them rather than turning back. The kid looked to be my age, maybe slightly younger, but fat, this kid was big I was surprised he could muster the energy to run around the building. “Do a trick!” he demanded. Feeling

yeah for sure.

i think there has to be more to this story…

That’s strange.
Most of the story has disappeared.
And I should know, because I read it once already this morning.

Like an old, oak table!

Along with your uncle, his house and all his other things?

Noooooo!..what actualy hapend?


a most perplexing mystery

Well, I can’t remember all of it, but there were car chases, explosions and beautiful foreign ladies involved.
It was a very good story.

The bit where he does a front flip over a barn full of terrorists, flicking a cigar out of the side of his mouth at the jump’s apogee and setting the entire structure alight in an enormous blaze was truly monumental. And the bit with the breakdancing midgets? Magnificent. You’re really missing out if you didn’t get to read the rest of this story.

Whoops sorry, looks like somehow the unfinished story was posted, odd because I didn’t see this when I posted the final version last night. The complete story is located over here: Risky Business: The redneck, the SIF hop and the bouncer. (mild profanity) Could a moderator please remove this thread?

Oh darn, looks like the barn bit is missing from the proper version as well :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: