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My Torker LX seat cover is starting to rip on the side edge where I grab it with my hand. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent it from completely ripping, or should I just buy a replacement cover when it rips? I thought about duct taping it, but given its position, it’d probably rub off when I ride. If I bought a new cover, would the KH fusion one work? (I like that I could easily put it on and off - especially since I’ve already converted it to an airseat with an innertube.)

You can try using some car door edge molding to protect the edge of the seat. You should be able to find a size that will slip on over the edge of the seat. You can get car door edge molding at auto parts stores. It is used to protect the edges of car doors to keep the door from getting scraped up on the curb or hitting some other object. See this thread for a little info.

I haven’t tried it myself on a KH seat so I don’t know what will fit.

re:ripping seat

Yeah but seriously, the best way to save your unicycle seat is to
learn how to ride on someone elses unicycle. You are going to take
some wild spills, and you are going to trash your seat, and you ain’t
going to break your wrist because if you are the type of person
that’d break your wrist you wouldn’t be ridding a unicycle. But
don’t listen to me because I don’t have to worry about liability
because my contracts only have my clown name: Jam Face the Clown. I
don’t remember a situation where I ever grabbed my seat because most
of the time when I rode my hands were full. The most important thing
I can say to a beginner is to point your toes together so you don’t
take chunks of flesh out of that inner ankle knob. Learn to Idle
first, and then go backwards with the help of a broom. I’d buy the
most inexpensive smallest wheel unicycle on eBay that I could find;
learn to ride on something like that. If you can ride the cheep
twenty dollar bike than a sweet ride will feel so good. I’ve made a
bunch of money on my twenty dollar unicycle; I remember juggling on
my cheep unicycle, in roller blades, juggling on the diving board of
the swimming of the Dolphin Hotel at Disney. And I’m not a much of a
juggler, or an unicyclist, and I suck on a roller blades except for
my back flip! Ha! I’ll be fifty years old next January and I could
do that gig tonight because in Clown Face I look whatever age I want.
That is one thing about this circus stuff; it slows down that ageing

Why do you grab it? For seat out tricks? I’m surprised the ripping is because of you grabbing it unless you practice for hours on end with continuous grabbing. I think it’s because of dropping the seat, not grabbing.

Well, yes, it’s a combination of seat out grabbing, catching the seat when I bail so that it doesn’t smack my ankle, and perhaps the rubbing from my plastic wrist guards. That part of the seat rarely hits the ground, so I don’t believe that the wear is mostly from dropping the seat. It also is a converted air seat, so maybe there’s more strain on the cover because of the seat flexing.

Re: ripping seat


I get the impression you don’t know about the abuse that street,
trials and muni riding inflict on people and equipment. Tearing
saddles is par for the course. Some saddles are now covered in
leather or kevlar reinforced fabric to help reduce this wear.
Grabbing the saddle is standard practice for these styles of riding.
Note that Phlegm mentioned he was getting a MUni in a previous thread.

Wrist guards are highly recommended for high energy riding. Nowadays,
many of the people being attracted to unicycle riding are just the
sort of risk takers that are likely to break wrists. Wristguards
and/or gloves are required safety equipment at some unicycle trials

As for pointing your toes inward when riding, my doctor told me to do
just the opposite. Sure it can protect your ankles, but, at least for
me, it also encourages unhealthy inward movement of the knee,
eventually resulting in painful sideways movement of the kneecap. I
ride with my feet pointed straight ahead when possible, and wear
protective shoes (661 Duallys). A $20 pair of Ankle Biters offers the
same protection.


I ripped my Qu-ax trial bike’s seat within like two weeks, havn’t fixed it yet, but I’ll probably just staple it slightly higher. It’s very easy to rip your seat actually, a few seat out front sidehops are all it takes, and seat out front gaps are murder for seats.

Re: ripping seat

Gerble has told me proudly that there’s no better seatcover for trials than a collection of duct tape – if you use tape use a lot of it (long strips) so it doesn’t rub off. If you can find fabric tape (check auto parts stores - used for repairing seats) this might work better.

I’ve got a Fusion cover and, well, it’s not quite so durable itself. It’s made of some sort of synthetic leather that, once punctured, tends to tear. Not the best choice of material, IMHO. I’d go for something in ballistic nylon, like the Roach seat cover.