Ripped seat covers and sections torn off staples... How to repair?

Hi all, I’ve recently been getting quite a few rips on my standard Koxx One seat, and also on the left side, the staples that hold the red cover to the plastic base are not doing their jobs that well… By that I mean the red side is slightly detached and therefore these rips and detachments can only get worse to a point the saddle becomes useless.

I don’t want to buy a new seat or cover with clever laces like KH fusion saddles… I just want to repair my Koxx seat back into a state where its fine again without having to fiddle around with tape or anything for a very long time…

I was thikning along the lines of using superglue to cover and fill the small gaps the rips have made. and possibly superglue down the detached side of the cover to the plastic base itself?


Take it to a fabrication store, not like, a place that do cars and 'Pimp out" their stuff, but just a regular fabrication, for like furniture and stuff like that.

They will be able to re-staple the side back in for a cheap price, and you can ask them what to do about the rips.

Well id recomend a staple gun for the fabric detachiong from that base and a sewn on patch should cover the rips.

Make a new saddle, it’s cheap and easy, just make a pattern, and buy the fabric and you can make uber-pimp saddle covers for yourself.

Are the staples even needed? Is the drawstring in the KH Fusion cover needed?

The front handle and rear bumper can hold the seat cover on and in place. Try it without the staples and you might be surprised.

I have the KH Fusion cover on my Coker and my muni. I removed the drawstring. It’s not needed.

You might have to clean up the edges of the seat cover to keep the edges from fraying. Maybe Shoe Goo or similar glue.

two word: duct tape.

I used super glue on my seat base and it works really good. For the fabric I’m not sure what would work best but putting duct tape over it will work for a while but then adhesive will be left on so you may want to check out other options.