ripped inner tire. please help

So I have a try-all tire and it’s rally hard to take the tire off the rim. So I took a a flat head screwdriver and a hammer to get it off with some soap. but the problem is that the inside of the tire’s rim has been scratched away and you can now see the metal wire that’s in the tire rim. Where the wire is show in the tire bludge’s out of the the rim and the more I hope on it I can see the tube. I know it’s not the tube cause when I blew it up there was nothing wrong with it (no patches on it). Is there any way to fix this?
Not explained very well sorry if you can’t understand-just tell me

Thank you.

Can you post a picture of the damage and a picture of the buldging for us? Maybe that will help us to understand.

get some tire levers…usually using a hammer to do anything on a uni = bad idea.

if it’s workin then ride it…but with the wire showin and all i’d expect a blowout soon… but i dunno how bad it is, you gotta post pics.

better order a new tire though…

It sounds like the tire bead is broken. If so, you’re probably hosed.

I physically winced when you said you get your tyre off with a hammer and a screwdriver.
I can only imagine the damage you’ve done to your rim with those tools.
Sounds like a trip to the bike shop is in order, not just for a tyre but for some sturdy metal tyre levers.

Just put some Super Glue and it’ll be fine;) What kind of rim do you have though? I’ve never had to use a hammer to take tires off, even with a Luna on a DX32… Or even worst, a Gazz Jr. on a DX32!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

If you can see the tube that’s bad news. You should never be able to see the tube when the tire’s mounted and under pressure.

Bike shops used to carry stuff called tire cloth that had butyl rubber on one side, and canvas on the other. You would use it to patch tires by applying cement to the butyl rubber side, and to the tire. This would be my best guess at repair, but to be honest it sounds like a new tire is in order.

Post some pix and maybe we can get a better idea of a fix.

Unfortunately I already took the tire off and I tooka video but I can’t figure out how to post it on here how do I?


I might not be able to help your current predicament but may be able to help prevent the same thing from happening in the future.

I am going to assume you don’t know how to take a tire off a rim since you were using a screw driver and hammer.

Tires have what you call a “bead” a bead is a loop of non-stretching material that alows the tire to stay on the rim even at high pressures. In your case the bead is made out of wire.

The bead has a smaller diameter than the outer edge of the rim so while it is still properly seated on the rim it is nearly impossible to pull the bead up over the edge of the rim.

There is a “valley” in the middle section of your rim which has a smaller diameter then the inside edge of your rim. Some valleys are deeper than others and the DX32 is notorious for having a really shallow valley hence people having trouble getting tires off them.

You need to push the bead on once side of your tire into the valley to get enough slack to get one part up and over. If the tire is tight you may need a tire lever for this part. Pry the tire off a bit at a time along the circumference until you can just pull it off.

Remove the innertube and repeat for the other side if necessary. The second side should be easier since the tube is not in the way.

I would go and take your tire off properly now and check both the tire and the rim for damage. If you scratched your rim (likely) I would sand the scratched area to make it flat or just put a bit of tape over the scratch to protect the tube.

No no I know how to take a tire and I have tire levers but they just don’t get it off. When I pry the tire of and then push the tire lever it won’t budge cause the try-all tire is just to stubborn to come off and I can’t get it up in the tire enough for it to stay in the tube. I really only have this problem with with the try-all tires.

I have a power coated KH neon green rim.