ripped cycling computer

will taping the wire together make this in working condition?
Does anyone know if it matters how I pair the wires?
I can toss it and just buy a new wired cycling computer…but even $20 is money…

The pvc pipe fell once…stretching and nearly breaking the wire…and then second time it fell off it broke.
I was riding a more bouncy tire and longer cranks which was probably the reason why it fell off after only half a mile.

Aren’t there just two wires there? One in brown insulation and one in white insulation? It doesn’t matter if the wires are stranded - many thin wires grouped in one insulating sheath. Just strip them so there’s about 1 cm of wire showing. Twist the brown pair together and twist the white pair together. Solder them if you can. Then tape one of them and after that wrap tape around the whole joint. The first tape layer isolates the wires from each other.

yes, two strands(with multiple strands each)
but both are black…
and they are…stripped already :thinking: maybe the copper wire pulled/stretched…

Sometimes the insulation has a mark on one side, a thin printed stripe (white maybe) or a raised ridge molded into the plastic. Sometimes the metal conductors are slightly different colors, one a little brighter than the other. Can you match them that way?

I’d guess there’s a better-than-even chance that it’ll work with them hooked up either way, and a pretty small chance of damaging it if you just guessed and got it wrong. There are only two ways to go, so you could try one way and if that doesn’t work, try the other. That’s supposing you don’t have anything better to go on and you don’t mind living on the edge now and then.

It shouldn’t matter anyway. Inside a cycle computer’s ‘sensor’ is a little tube of glass with two thin strips of spring steel which, in the abscence of a magnetic field, lie parallel to each other, but don’t touch. When the magnet is brought close to the ‘sensor’, the two strips make contact and the computer registers one revolution. Because it only acts as a switch, it doesn’t matter which way it’s hooked up.

yes, I tried both, and both seem to register properly, so I taped the two wires separately, and taped a bend in so if it gets pulled it wouldn’t put so much stress on the tape…

I also decided to use only some primer on the pvc joint…hopefully it wont fall off a 4th time.