riped a seat post

i riped my seat post every thing was all good went to hop on the rail an dthe seat just lefted up and the unicycle didnt come with me i loooked back and saw my unicycle on the ground with the seat about 1 foot away thinking i just broke my seat a closer look shows that the seat post was riped so i oder another seat post for my uni and the day its suposed to be deliverd i get a box my first thought is its kinda short for a seat post so i rip it open to find not my seatpost but a shirt so i call udc and they told me just to keep the shirt and they would send the seatpost so another week without riding this is horible

sad. I think seatposts are the uni part that needs the most innovation out of everything… they break too much.

Did it fall off the tree when it was ripe?

Seriously though, you might want to weld a bracket to the post, and the little tab on top. I’ve got it on mine, and havn’t bent one since.

Please have mercy on your readers. Use punctuation.

And capitalization… That hurt to read.

way to much work for punctuation.