RIP Sheldon Brown

The great man passed away last night after a heart attack.
I never knew him or met him, but he helped me build my first wheel and gave many laughs with his spoof inventions.

Wauw, that is just to bad.
I also used his great tutorial to spoke my first wheel.
RIP Sheldon.

Peter M

Sad to hear. I as well have used some of his tutorials.

His memory will live on with every wheel I build.

I was going to announce this today. His wife is the professor of one of my computer science courses at Northeastern University. This sad news comes just a week after she had been struck by a car and suffered relatively severe injuries.

He will be missed for his contributions to the bike and unicycle communities.

terrible shame, my 36 wouldn’t be the same shape without him.

This is sad news. His legacy, however, will live on. He has shared and taught so much about cycling. I have learned a lot by reading what he has written and compiled.

He wasn’t in good health, having been diagnosed with MS.

My condolences to his family, his friends at Harris Cyclery, and all those who knew him.

FTFY. Please choose one.


The sad passing of a man who gave so much.Thoughts go out to friends and family.

This is sad news, His writings allowed me to rebuild my wheels with confidence. What a talented and helpful man.

Definitely sad news. I am a huge fan of his site. I hope it stays up.
Also, I believe he has posted on this forum on occasion.

RIP Sheldon!

I read most of his extensive website and used it with much benefit in several areas, notably wheel building, crank failure, geared hubs, brake setup, and fixed gear bicycles. I did talk to him once on the phone about geared unicycle hubs a few years back.

Thanks for your contributions Sheldon!

Yup, even [post=1213787]replied to one of my posts[/post]. :slight_smile: I’ll have to print that one out and frame it.

Very sad news, great man overall, My condolences to everyone who knew him well. I was at his site a few days ago reading about fixed gear bikes. What a usefull site too!

A sad loss for cycling. :frowning: If you don’t know who he was, do a Google, or look here:

I think that I have sent more people to Sheldon Brown’s site for maintenance and wheel building advice than any other site, and have used many of his articles myself countless times.

He was a great contributer of knowledge and humor in the cycling community.

He will be missed.

RIP Sheldon

He was the man that taught me how to true my wheel. He also taught me a lot of other valuables lessons, about tyres, materials and interesting things like that. He had a knack for explanations and a great love for what he did. I shall miss him greatly.

RIP Sheldon Brown.

Bicycle god is dead:(

Thankfully, much of his great teachings are induring digital reality

I never met him, and can’t really pretend that I did. I have no sadness, like his real friends feel.

It is so very cool that his writings helped so many wheels. I am grateful for his works, and I hope they become a permanent part of the internet.

A very helpful man, even if you didn’t know him.:slight_smile: We need more people to be like he was.

same for me! wow: He must have been patient to answer so many mails on the same topics! thanks Sheldon!

My bicycling days wouldn’t have been the same without him. If ever there was a man who knew it all and was eager to share it, it was Sheldon.
His guides to all things cycling were an invaluable resource. I can’t claim the sadness in the loss of a friend, but my heart stopped a moment when I read of his death. To have had such an impact on a total stranger is surely a sign of a great man.