RIP red Miyata handle

It’s official. This evening, Sunday, June 9, 2002 at 7:32pm, Eastern Standard time, Airbourne’s Red Miyata saddle was pronounced dead. Miyata was experiencing troubles over the past week and could no longer fight the seatis grabis that it was infected with. Seatis grabis is a deadly disease that has little background. Seatis grabis is believed to have come from overseas in Japan, and causes a weakening in the plastic handles of Miyata saddles. This disease is only common in the new style Miyata saddles, and is believed to be hereditary and non communicable. Currently there are no cures for seatis grabis, but an alternative is available for purchase through a comapny in Marietta, Georgia. The alternative can be seen here.
We will all miss Airbourne’s Red Miyata saddle. It was a good seat and will hopefully go to unicycle seat heaven with the likes of other Miyata saddles, as oppose to the volcanic hell filled with Savage saddles.

I’m sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences

I hope my unicyclis alwaysfallsoutfromundermetisis is not as serious

Re: RIP red Miyata handle

Are the new Miyata seats being made in China or Japan. I think the old Miyata seats were made in Japan, at least the seat base has Japan stamped on it. My guess is that this new infection comes from China rather than Japan.


red miyata handle = bad i just found a crack in mine after readin this forum and i guess a reeder handle is in store for me when i get the money i have a digital camera and will try to make a uni album w/ pics


My crack started on the right side of it. I do all my seat grabbing with my right hand. The crack slowly worked it’s way towards the middle of the seat, once it got past the middle it split up until the handle broke into 2 pieces. I just ordered my Reeder handle today. Hopefully I can do some shaving with the Miyata to still make it attractive.

RIP RedHandle, indeed

my seat is newer than adam’s by several months, and has probably been through less abuse, and sure enough: just after poking fun at him the other morning for his misfortunes, what do i discover but a largish crack creeping across my own seat handle. o twist of fate, o cruel irony.

and mister dylan wallinger [who admittedly takes a higher toll in general on his unicycling equipment than i] managed a record-breaking 3 days before his started to crack. ah well.

looks like out-of-color-scheme mint green backup handle for now, and perhaps there’s a carbon-fiber/reeder seat in my nearer future than expected.

go CF or go home, right adam?

John M

Exactly right. After the tragic accident, I feel like I lost my uni completely. That’s why today it recieved a fresh coat of translucent red powdercoating on top of the chrome. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’ll get pics ASAP.