RIP my domina frame

My koxx domina frame died at about 4:35pm today.

I loved this frame while it was still in one piece. Time to ride my KH again.

Time for a viking funeral methinks.


I always thought they looked like they dipped in the middle. Would that be why it broke where it did?

Edit: what’s it like to ride with half the frame missing?!

aww man. is there some sort of warrenty? what were you doing when it broke?


I don’t think he tried, cause that would kill his bearing.

you should see if you can get the nimbus street frame, that’d probably be decent for flatlanding.

Fair point.

Boy that sucks! But you should ride your KH again…

how’d you break it?

Yeah, I didn’t ride it after it broke.

I drove up to the park today to go riding and I took my uni out of the car and I found a big crack going along the weld. At first I was optimistic and hoped that it was just a crack in the powdercoat. I rode it for a little and then I was able to see light coming through the crack. Then I knew I was just screwed so from then on I just rode doing flat tricks that I thought would break the frame. The crack was really big and I didn’t want to continue riding it like that because I didn’t want it to break unexpectedly then get really hurt. A 270 unispin to the tire eventually broke it, you guys will see the footage eventually…its not very spectacular though.

I have no idea how the crack started. It must have happened yesterday because I would have noticed if it was there before that. Yesterday I just did a few tricks and practiced still stands so I don’t really know how it happened.
I got the uni from Xavier so I guess he rode it pretty hard, I knew that when I bought it but I thought I would have it for a lot longer than a month before it broke. I have pretty much only ridden it on flat.

i always knew i didn’t like KOXX even before i heard about the unicycles… i just never liked them… they scare me. EVEN THEIR RIDERS SCARE ME!(sometimes)


none in particular, but from what i have heard… they get a little rowdy…


Its probably because he is a uptight American Christian and Nudity is bad.

Nice job with the color blending
I did not think it was possible to uses the html color codes.
And that frame break looks pretty nasty looking forward to your new video.


its aluminum right?

Yeah its aluminum.

So you dislike them for no reason?

wow, that sucks, spencer!
loic broke his domina frame in the same spot as you did, he was trying to land a 720 unispin.
i guess the frame is weak in that welding.

Kris should make a long neck version of his frame. I always wanted a long neck frame for my trials but now I have some more reason not to buy the domina.

Koxx usualy doesnt give garanty, but in this case it is ok because they write on there homepage that the frame sucks ;).

Dude, you smashed your Koxx.

Sucks that the street/flat frame doesnt hold up to street and flatland…